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April, 2020

1 April - 31 December  in 

DIAA Mentoring Program

Seeking guidance in your dairy-industry career? 

Or have experience you can pass on?

Join the DIAA members strengthening Australia‚Äôs dairy industry. It's what we do best. Individual by individual. 


October, 2020

29 October  in 

2020 Webinar: Pumps, Homogenisers & Valves

Also part of the DIAA Dairy Science World Series Engineering Short Course, this year we are presenting the "Pumps, Homogenisers & Valves" session as a webinar. 1pm AEDST. 


November, 2020

5 November  in 

2020 Webinar: Sustainability

Join us to hear about key consumer trends and raw materials in packaging, what happens post use, lifecycle impact, and APCO targets. 1pm AEDST. 


March, 2021

18 March - 19 March  in 

2021 Dairy Sensory Evaluation Short Course

Learn dairy product sensory evaluation techniques from trained dairy judges in this hands-on two-day course. 

22 March - 23 March  in 

2021 Cheese Evaluation Short Course

Further details will be posted as they come to hand.  

Learn cheese and dairy product sensory evaluation techniques from trained dairy judges in a hands-on course. Find out more...

May, 2021

28 May  in 

2021 Awards of Excellence

Save the date: DIAA Awards of Excellence Gala Dinner 




August, 2021

23 August - 25 August  in 

2021 DSWS Ice Cream Short Course

The highly sought after Dairy Science World Series Short Course in Ice Cream Science & Technology is on again in 2021. 

Find out more information.  

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