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1 April - 31 December

DIAA Mentoring Program

Mentoring the next generation is how we retain high levels of knowledge and skills in our industry. The program is not job specific, rather is to help the DIAA’s younger members develop their careers in the dairy industry. 

Key objective: to attract and retain young members


  1. To share experience and knowledge
  2. To foster excellence
  3. To enable succession planning
  4. To build member networks and the DIAA community 

The National Office will initially match mentorees with mentors, ensuring the individual’s desired objectives for undertaking mentoring can be met. Confidentiality is paramount. 

The program will typically run for a year, with the option to continue beyond that.

You don't need formal qualifications to be a mentor; you just need a desire to pass on your industry knowledge, and abilities to be both a good listener and act as a sounding board.

To express interest in either being a mentoree or a mentor, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Kristine Manser, DIAA Executive Officer & DIAA Federal Secretary.  

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