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15 June - 17 June

2021 Practical Cheese Training

Run over three days in Harvey, WA, Cheese Educator Gina Dal Santo will guide particpants through: 

Tuesday 15 June

  • Fetta (40L)
  • Haloumi (40L)
  • Whey Ricotta (will discuss Paneer)
  • Soft Ripened (40L)

This is a demonstration on Fetta and Haloumi why they both do not melt. Recipes vary with companies, so Gina will go through spec sheets with participatns and talk about choosing cultures. With the group, she will make one recipe of soft ripened, and discuss stabilised vs solubilised vs traditional, along wtih texture and taste differences.

Wednesday 16 June

  • Raclette (225L)
  • Pepato (225L)

This is to demonstrate a difference of washed curd and making a hard-Italian style. Difference in texture and taste, pH levels. Affinage is very different. 

Thursday 17 June

  • Gorgonzola (225L)
  • Bleu dā€™ Auvergne (225L)

This is to demonstrate the different methods of making blues. Again, the affinage is very different.


There is no need to bring safety boots, shoe covers and disposable overalls ā€“ these will be provided on site.

Those looking for accommodation can contact Harvey Visitor Centre on (08) 9729 1122. 

The price is just $700 for DIAA members, and $900 for non-members. Not a member? Join today! 


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