SA Dairy Industry Fund

SA Dairy Industry Fund

Seeks to finance innovative projects that directly benefit the South Australian dairy industry and its communities.

We are interested in game-changing concepts that offer real value for money and genuine potential to improve the productivity, performance, business growth and diversity of the SA dairy industry, and any part of its supply chain.

We are particularly keen to receive applications that focus on supporting and encouraging local investment and value-adding, both in terms of new products and opening up new markets here in Australia and overseas. Projects that improve the capacity and resilience of dairy farmers and their communities to manage change and volatility are of interest, including projects that identify smart ways to reduce costs, lift production, soften the impact of dry seasons, and even diversify their enterprises to open up additional sources of revenue.

Applicants are required to complete an Expression of Interest Application Form, providing a summary of key details including an outline of the proposed project, its potential impact and benefits, information about the applicant and any proposed partners.

Funding Scope
Applications are welcome from diverse sectors including research and extension organisations, individuals, private companies, dairy processors and boutique manufacturers, farmer and community groups, and industry associations.

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