Stock Underpass Program

Seeks to support improved farm and road safety and increased farm productivity across the livestock sector.

Crossing cattle across roads is ​a significant issue for many dairy and livestock farmers. The Government has been working with the TFGA and DairyTas, as well as local farmers and councils, to develop a practical approach to address the issue.

On 28 May 2018 by announcing that the program will now provide Grants up to one third (33%) of the cost of construction of an underpass, up to a maximum grant of $80,000 and that, as part of Taking Agriculture to the Next Level Policy, an additional $600,000 has been made available out to 2021-2022. ​

The Government has already developed a set of standard drawings for a modular stock underpass system to eliminate most of the design costs. The modular components can now be bought directly from pre-cast concrete fabricators in Tasmania. The Tasmanian Government already fully funds stock underpasses where a new road alignment splits a property.

For an application to be approved under the Program it must be submitted and assessed BEFORE the construction activity takes place.