Women in Business Program

Women in Business Program

Supports women business owners who face specific challenges in starting, operating and growing businesses.

If you’re a woman in the early stages of your business journey, or looking to grow or expand your business, the South Australian Government has just launched the $4 million Women in Business Program. Women in business face different and additional barriers to their male counterparts, which potentially impacts the number of women who choose to start and grow their businesses. The Women in Business Program is tailored to the specific challenges women face in starting, operating and growing businesses.

The program will be delivered over four years and will consist of two key elements – the Women in Business Foundations Program and the Women in Business Advisory Program.

Women in Business Foundations Program (still open)
– Supports women business owners to build management skills and growth strategies for their small businesses
– A key feature of the program is 4 hours of mentoring at a subsidised cost of $88 with a team of experts in management and business growth
– The program will feature: small group workshops online, local business network events across SA, and monthly communications about the program
– To register for the program you need to: identify as a woman and own a small business in South Australia with a current registered ABN and employ less than 20 people.

Women in Business Advisory Program (closed 28th November, 2022)
– Offers the opportunity for women business owners to expand their leadership and entrepreneurial skills through scholarships
– The scholarships will help provide women business owners and entrepreneurs to build a support network where they can discuss strategies, issues, and challenges in a completely confidential environment, while at the same time encouraging each other to extend themselves further to succeed in their business ventures.

To be eligible for the Women in Business Advisory Program, you must be:
– Business owners that are women, and those who identify as a woman (at least 50% ownership in the case of joint ownership);
– Own businesses that are headquartered in South Australia, and
– Have an annual turnover of at least $250,000
– Closes 28 November, 2022.

Click here to view full funding guidelines on the provider’s website.