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  • ADF October 2020

ADF October 2020


In this issue: 

  • The Dairy Report: Buttering up the future 
  • Food Science: Lipidomics to help verify regional cheese provenance
  • Sustainable packaging: How waste wool fits into the dairy cold chain
  • Finance: Why are share markets rising with negative news?
  • Thank you: Thank you to all the sponsors of the DIAA Australian and Victorian Product Competitions
  • Market Report: COVID-19 still influencing buyer sentiment, Australia’s milk pool set to grow
  • President's Message: Oh, the thinks we can think up because of COVID-19!
  • What’s New: Fridge & Shelf
  • Equipment & Services
  • People + Marketing 
  • Member Spotlight: DIAA Adrian Turton Scholarship winner from 2011. Who is it? Find out on page 46!
  • Dairy Diary – there’s more on than you may think!
  • Final Washup: Taking care of business, the print way...

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