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Australian Hyfer ewe's milk: Fatty acid composition and fat globule size

Authors: R.P. Templeman and D.R. Tivey


Composite milk samples, obtained from commercial cows and Australian Hyfer ewes, were analysed for gross composition, fatty acid composition and fat globule size. Levels of protein and fat were significantly higher in the ewes' milk whereas lactose levels were similar to those in the cows' milk. The fatty acid compositions were similar with respect to monounsaturated fatty acids, but ewes' milk had higher levels of both ω3 polyunsaturated and short-chain saturated fatty acids (C8:0-C14:0) and lower levels of long-chain saturated fatty acids (C15:0-C24:0) than cows' milk. The composition of major constituents and fatty acids closely mirrored previous studies on sheep milk, but with minor differences in the relative contents of certain fatty acids. There was no significant difference between fat globule sizes of the ewes' and cows' milk.

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