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Use of membrane concentrated cottage cheese whey in ice-creams

Authors: M.H. Nguyen, M.M.A.Khan, K. Kailasapathy and J.A. Hourigan


Cottage cheese whey, concentrated by nanofiltration, was evaluated for use in ice-cream manufacture. Ice-cream made from formulations in which 25% and 50% milk solids-not-fat were derived from the whey concentrate showed similar physico-chemical properties and acceptabilities to a control with no added whey concentrate. Trial ice-creams were softer, although their melting resistances were higher than that of the control. Lactase enzyme, added to control lactose crystallisation, did not result in improved sensory attributes and overall acceptabilities. It was necessary to adjust the pH of the whey concentrate to 6.5 prior to use in ice-cream formulation.

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