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Volatile free fatty acid content of feta and white-brined cheeses

Authors: Aikaterini K. Georgala, Ioannis G. Kandarakis, Stelios E. Kaminarides and Emmanuel M. Anifantakis


The volatile free fatty acids (VFFA) content of feta and white-brined cheeses trade in the market of Athens, Greece, was studied. For this, 16 feta cheese samples (eight with piquant taste and eight non-piquant) 24 cast and eight structure white-brined cheeses were examined for their VFFA content. From the statistical analysis of the experimental measurements, significant differences between piquant and non-piquant feta cheese, as well as between feta and white-brined cheese, were found. Feta cheese contained significantly higher quantities of acetic, butyric, caproic and caprylic acids than white-brined cheeses. Significant differences were also found between the non-piquant and the piquant feta cheese samples in their butyric, caproic and caprylic acids content, while their acetic acid content was similar. Cast and structure white-brined cheeses showed similar VFFA profile.

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