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The Staining of Lipo-Protein Bands Obtained by Eletctrophoresis or Iso-Electric Focusing of Whey Protein Concentrates

Authors: J. G. Zadow


A number of methods used for the staining of animal serum lipo-protein bands obtained on electrophoresis or iso-electric focusing have been evaluated for their applicability to staining lipo-proteins from whey protein concentrates. The commonly used post-staining techniques employed for the visualisation of animal serum lipo-proteins after electrophoresis were not satisfactory, as the stains employed all bound strongly to the major protein fractions in whey. A pre-staining method based on Sudan Black was, however, found to be satisfactory. It was essential to use gels on low total solids content (< 3.5% T) to permit the entry into the gel of the high molecular weight lipo-proteins from whey protein concentrates. To prevent the adsorption of lipo-protein fractions onto the paper wicks normally used in iso-electric focusing, it was essential that samples be applied in slots cast in the gels.

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