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A simple method for estimating free amino acids in Cheddar cheese.

Authors: W.D. Jarrett, J.W. Aston and J.R. Dulley


A method for the estimation of free amino acids in Cheddar cheese, combining extraction with phosphotungstic acid (PTA) / sulphuric acid and determination with trinitrobenzene-sulphonic acid, was investigated. Although it was found that the dibasic amino acids and proline were not measured and that some peptide material was being measured, the PTA-soluble amino nitrogen level exhibited a linear relationship with total amino acids extracted from the cheese. This could be partly explained by the fact that, while free amino acid levels increased with the age of the cheese, the relative proportion of each amino acid remained essentially constant. The method, therefore, offers a simple inexpensive means of estimating total free amino acids in Cheddar cheese.

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