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Use of Streptococcus Lactis Lac- mutants for accelerating Cheddar cheese ripening; 2. Their effect on the rate of proteolysis and flavour development

Authors: P.A. Grieve and J.R. Dulley


Streptococcus lactis C2 lac- prt- mutant concentrates were successfully used to increase the starter population in Cheddar cheese without producing an atypical product. High total starter populations caused an increase in the levels of free amino acids and up to 12 weeks advancement in flavour development in mutant-containing cheeses which had been stored at 8°C for 6 months. Experimental cheeses which contained mutant starter did not develop bitterness and had superior flavour scores to their corresponding control cheeses at all stages of maturation. Exposure of cheeses containing lac- prt- mutant to an initial storage at 20°C for one month increased proteolysis in these cheeses. This treatment had no detrimental effect on the flavour scores of these cheeses and varying degrees of advancement in flavour development were obtained.

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