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The thermo-stable nuclease test as a method for identifying Staphylococcus Aureus

Authors: B.M. Hill


A total of 1893 strains of Micrococcaceae isolated from raw milk, mastitic udders and down-graded dairy products were used in a study to assess the performance of the thermo-stable nuclease (TSN) rapid Staphylococcus aureus identification method. All 139 S. aureus isolates were found to be TSN producers. Of the other species examined ten were isolates of S. epidermidis type 1, two of which produced TSN. The other 34 isolates of S. epidermidis types 2 and 4 and of Micrococcus were all TSN negative. In comparison seven of 59 S. aureus strains isolated from raw milk and tested for coagulase production were coagulase negative. The TSN test is a useful method for the rapid identification of S. aureus either for confirming negative coagulase results or in place of the coagulase test itself.

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