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Application to the dairy industry of the toluidine blue-membrane filtered method for estimation of bacterial concentration - the growth of Streptococcus cremoris ML1 in reconstituted skim milk, whole milk and cream.

Authors: D.K. O'Toole


The toluidine blue-membrane filter method was used to measure the growth of Streptococcus cremoris ML1 on a dry mass basis in M17 broth, reconstituted skim milk (RSM), whole milk and cream. Results for the estimates of the maximum dry mass concentration achieved in batch cultures in RSM at the stationary growth phase were comparable with published values based on turbidity measurements. Metabolic functions for the organism derived from the data were also comparable with published values. Growth in whole milk was uncoupled from acid production throughout the growth cycle but became uncoupled later. Lactic acid production and bacterial concentration were compared directly. This showed that the organism went through a change in lactic acid metabolism during the growth period in M17 broth and RSM. The change was not related to pH of the medium. There was no change in lactic acid metabolism during growth in whole milk and cream in which growth ceased abruptly at pH 5.0.

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