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Antibacterial activity of lactoferrin against some common food-borne pathogenic organisms

Authors: V.K. Batish, Harish Chander, K.C. Zumdegni, K.L. Bhatia and R.S. Singh


Lactoferrin inhibited the growth of food-borne pathogenic organisms Escherichia coli, salmonella typhi and Shigella dysenteriae appreciably at low concentrations. Addition of 0.2mg/mL of lactoferrin to the growth medium resulted in a gradual decline in the growth of the above organisms at various incubation periods ranging form 0 to 12 hrs. The maximum percent growth inhibition (94 per cent) was recorded in case of E. coli followed by Salmonella typhi (78 per cent) and Shigella dysenteriae (75 per cent).

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