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A survey of the bacteriological quality of raw and pasteurized goat milk produced in Queensland

Authors: J.M. Cox and I.C. Mac Rae


The general bacteriological quality of goat milk produced in Queensland was assessed. Quality was based on advisory standards used for cow milk (i.e. 50,000 cfu/mL for farm raw and pasteurized milks and 150,000 cfu/mL for factory raw milk). Using these standards, 19.86 (22%) farm raw milks, 31/33 (94%) factory raw milks and 4/23 (17%) pasteurized milks failed. Large increases in some populations with refrigerated storage suggested significant initial contamination of those milks with psychrotrophs. High levels of coliforms in some samples suggested that very poor hygiene was exercised during production of those milks. The general bacteriological quality was concluded to be poor.

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