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Trans Unsaturation Content of Queensland Milkfats

Authors: P.W. Parodi and R.J. Dunstan


Butter from Maleny, Kingston and Gympie Queensland Factories, and from a factory selected at random were sampled at fortnightly intervals during the period mid-July 1967 to mid-October 1968. The trans unsaturation content of the 116 samples of milkfat collected ranged from 4.27 to 7.64% with a mean of 6.01%. Maximum values occurred in the spring-summer period, minimum values in the winter.

A lack of correlation was found between C18 monoethenoic acid content and trans unsaturation for 23 samples for which the C18 monoethenoic acid content was known. It is considered that the level of trans unsaturation in milkfat is influenced by the amount of unsaturated dietary lipids consumed. The lack of correlation between C18 monoethenoic acid content and trans unsaturation was due to the fact that maximum C18 monoethenoic acid values did not occur at the period of time when unsaturated pasture lipids were at their highest levels.

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