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A Further Examination of the Penicillin-Agar Test for Post-Pasteurization Contamination of Milk

Authors: Patricia C. Loane


The incidence of thermoduric, penicillin-resistant organisms (TPRO) was determined in (a) bottle pasteurized milks, (b) factory and farm bulk raw milk tankers and (c) the supplies of individual farms - both from cans and bulk vats. The source of these organisms was investigated. Their significance with respect to (i) the interpretation of the Penicillin-Agar Test for post-pasteurization contamination of milk and (ii) milk quality evaluation is discussed. Characteristics of these organisms were also examined and their susceptibility to heat and chemical sanitizers assessed.

Overall results indicate that provided comparison is made of penicillin agar counts before and after laboratory pasteurization of the test sample, the Penicillin-Agar Test is a valuable quantitative assessment of the extent of post-pasteurization contamination and effectiveness of plant hygiene.

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