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The Sterol Content of Milkfat, Animal Fats, Margarines and Vegetable Oils

Authors: P.W. Parodi


The sterol content of milkfat, animal fats, margarines and vegetable oils was determined by gas liquid chromatography of sterol trimethylsilyl ethers after isolation of the sterols in the unsaponifiable fraction by preparative thin layer chromatography.

The cholesterol content of 13 samples of Australian milkfat ranged from 236.9 mg/100 g to 270.6 mg/100 g, average 257.6 mg/100 g. The sterol content of cooking, soft-spread, table, industrial, and polyunsaturated margareines, together with sunflower, safflower, soybean, cottonseed, corn, olive and peanut oils, beef dripping and lard is presented.

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