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A Comparison of Butter Wrapping Materials

Authors: R.D. MacBean


Fourteen films consisting of cellophanes, low and high density polyethylenes and polypropylenes were evaluated in an accelerated storage trial as alternatives to vegetable parchment for wrapping butter. The storage conditions were chosen to simulate those prevailing in the export situation.

The results showed that the grade of the surface of the butter was adversely affected in a number of cases in comparison with a parchment control. With some films, however, the grade of the butter was equal to or better than that with the parchment. The loss in grade was not due to surface oxidation and none of the films tested promoted surface oxidation as measured by Peroxide Value.

With most of the films tested there was an increase in mould count of the butter during storage but in only one case was this statistically significant. With two films the increase in mould count was accompanied by visible mould spots.

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