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A Study on Some of the Functional Properties of Calcium Co-Precipitates in a Model System

Authors: M.A. Thomas, P.A. Baumgartner and K.A. Hyde


A study on some of the functional properties of three types of calcium co-precipitate, important in the manufacture of comminuted meat products, was carried out in a model system. It was found that the three types, High Calcium co-precipitate No. 2 (High Cal 2), High Calcium co-precipitate No. 6 (High Cal 6) and Low Calcium co-precipitate (Low Cal) improved the emulsifying and water binding capacity of the meat at the 20 per cent replacement level. It was also found that the performance of the three types of co-precipitates studies was equal to that of the conventional non-meat proteins e.g. isolated soya protein and sodium caseinate, used in sausage manufacture.

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