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A Comparison of Cleaning Systems for Refrigerated Farm Bulk Milk Tanks

Authors: J.M. Scott, L.O. Smith, D.G. Dunsmore and E. Belinda Dettmann


Three systems designed for cleaning refrigerated farm bulk milk tanks were compared in a field trial. These were an automatic cleansing-in-place (CIP) unit, a high-pressure spray unit and manual cleaning. The efficiency of the systems was compared by bacteriological examinations of rinse samples, by visual assessment of the deposits using an ultra-violet light, and by economic and practical assessments.

Bacteriological performance of the three cleaning systems was satisfactory, with automatic CIP and manual cleaning showing slightly superior performance to high pressure cleaning. Visual inspections showed a similar result, more soil accumulating with high pressure cleaning than with other systems.

The automatic CIP unit tested was found to save considerable labour resources and is a satisfactory substitute for manual cleaning of refrigerated farm bulk tanks. However, the economic results show that labour saving advantages of both mechanical systems were largely offset by the capital costs involved.

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