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Age Gelation of Ultra-High-Temperature Milk

Authors: J.G. Zadow and F. Chituta


The effects of pH, pre-heat treatment, processing conditions and storage temperature on the period required for the onset of age gelation in Ultra-High-Temperature (UHT) milk were determined. Varying the pH of the raw milk in the range 6.6 to 7.2 did not affect gel time. Increased severity of the UHT process, either as a result of increased sterilization temperature or holding time resulted in increased gel time. Preheating raw milk also extended gel time, greater effects being obtained with increasing severity of the treatment. Incubation of the raw milk for 4 h at 30°C did not affect gel time. Gel times varied from more than 208 days at 2°C or 40°C storage temperature, to a minimum of 99 days at 25° and 30°C.

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