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The Significance of Preheat and pH Adjustment in the Manufacture of Recombined Evaporated Milk

Authors: A.T. Griffin, M.W. Hickey, L.F. Bailey and J.T. Feagan


The effects of preheat and pH adjustment in the manufacture of recombined evaporated milk were examined for their influence on heat stability. The experiments demonstrated that preheating will increase maximum heat stability of the milk where the pH of the milk is lower than the pH of maximum heat stability. Where the pH of the milk is greater than that of maximum heat stability, preheating will tend to reduce the heat stability. Preheating caused a narrowing of the peak on the pH-heat stability curve making pH adjustment of the milk to the maximum heat stability more difficult to attain. Seasonal variation in milk components was also shown to be important. It was found that the combined effect of pH adjustment and manipulation of preheating conditions allowed the production of milk powder which met the Australian heat stability specification for recombined evaporated milk powder.

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