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The Utilization of Cheese Slurries to Accelerate the Ripening of Cheddar Cheese

Authors: J.R. Dulley


A method has been developed for accelerating the ripening rate of Cheddar cheese, with consequent savings in storage costs. Cheese was manufactured by normal techniques up until salting, at which time Cheddar cheese slurries, ripened for about one week at 30°C, were added to the curd. The bacterial flora, amount of proteolytic breakdown, and grading results of the resultant cheeses were compared with controls. Provided potassium sorbate was included in the slurries, the only marked change in the bacterial flora of the cheese was an increase in the numbers of lactobacilli present. No increase in TCA-soluble nitrogen was detected in the cheeses to which slurries were added, but a significant advancement in flavour and body development occurred.

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