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Yellow Stain on Sediment Discs: 2. The Induction of a Sterile Mastitis in Cows and Goats and its Effect on the Incidence of Yellow Stain

Authors: Elizabeth A. Kernohan and T.R. Thompson


A sterile inflammation was induced in one hindquarter in each of six mastitis-free lactating cows by the intra-mammary infusion of 50pg Escherichia coli endotoxin. The milk from such quarters was compared to that from paired control quarters for a period of six days following infusion. Yellow stain was produced by milk obtained at the first milking post-infusion from all quarters and persisted in some for eleven milkings. Yellow stain can thus occur in the absence of pathogenic organisms. Concurrently with yellow stain production large increases were observed in the concentration of B-carotene and somatic cell count. The trend seen in yellow stain score over the six days was very similar to that for the occurrence of foamy polymorphs. However no causal relationship could be established between any of the measured variables and yellow stain.

A 5 pg infusion of endotoxin into one udder half of each of two lactating goats caused an increase in Rapid Mastitis Test (RMT) score and somatic cell count but no production of yellow stain. No B-carotene was found in the samples of goats milk. This suggests that the presence of B-carotene is necessary for the formation of yellow stain.

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