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A study of factors influencing moisture control in butter from evaporated cream

Authors: R.G. Black and R. Con Foo


Pasteurizing and concentrating cream in an evaporator was shown to prepare cream which consistently churned to low butter moistures. The experiment compared evaporated cream with vacreated cream and showed that, even if the level of solids-not-fat (SNF) of evaporated cream were reduced to normal, the evaporated cream maintained the low butter moistures. Part of the reduction was due to higher SNF, but most was considered to be due to differences in properties of evaporated and vacreated creams. The following differences in properties were observed – evaporated creams showed higher free-fat content, a greater proportion of fat present as large globules with smaller proportions present as small globules and lower viscosity. It was concluded that these characteristics are important in the control of butter moisture in continuous buttermakers.

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