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Automatic determination of the softening point of milk fat, milk fat fractions and butter

Authors: R.E. Timms


The softening point of milk fat and its fractions is normally determined by the Barnicoat method. An alternative procedure using the Mettler FP5 and FP53 automatic dropping point apparatus was studied. The heating rate was found to be the most important of several variables affecting the dropping point. Two methods are proposed. One, with overnight chilling of the sample and heating at 1°C/min, is regarded as the standard as it gives results equal to the Barnicoat softening point. The other, a quick method with 15 minutes’ chilling of the sample and heating at 2°C/min, gives a dropping point result within half an hour, although this result is about 1.3°C higher than the Barnicoat softening point. Dropping points were also determined for the finished products, butter and margarine, and the results were compared with the dropping points of the fats separated from the products.

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