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The vitamin a potency of Southern Queensland butters

Authors: P. Parodi


A survey of southern Queensland butters during the period November 1957 to November 1958 revealed average annual total vitamin A potency, vitamin A and β-carotene values of 41.62, 28.88 and 12.76 I.U./gm. respectively. β-carotene contributed 30.47 per cent. of the total vitamin A potency during the year. A seasonal variation in the total vitamin A potency, vitamin A and β-carotene values was found during the period of the survey, minimum values occurring in the late summer to autumn period; maximum values in late winter and early spring. No correlation between rainfall registrations and vitamin A content of butters was evident. Values for total vitamin A potency did not vary greatly from district to district, although feeding level for different areas varied considerably.

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