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The use of brilliant blue F.C.F in intramammary penicillin preparations

Authors: D. J. Dawson and J. T. Feagan


Investigations were carried out to find a suitable dye to use in intramammary penicillin preparations. Fluorescein dyes were investigated and found unsuitable. A food dye Brilliant Blue F.C.F was found to have suitable properties and was used in subsequent experiments. This dye could be detected at .25 p.p.m. in milk. Various ointment bases were examined. Preparations can be satisfactorily dyed using 0.125 g. of Brilliant Blue F.C.F per 100,000 I.U. of penicillin in a paraffin base. The dye and penicillin concentrations excreted at each milking were closely related and disappeared from the milk at the same time. The use of water-repellent bases caused extended excretion of dyed milk. The penicillin in dyed preparations lost no potency on extended storage. The dye did not cause any irritation in the udder.

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