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The use of buttermilk for the growth of butter cultures

Authors: Lorna G. Lightbody


Growth of cultures in skim milk and factory buttermilk has been compared. Cultures produced more acid in skim milk than in buttermilk but reached the same final pH in the two media. Dilution of cream in factory processing caused this loss of buffering capacity of buttermilk. Acid production in undiluted buttermilk from undiluted cream was similar to that in skim milk

Diacetyl production in undiluted buttermilk was greater than that in skim milk, but in factory buttermilk it was approximately the same as in skim milk.

Butter was made on a laboratory scale from cream inoculated with skim milk and buttermilk cultures. The use of buttermilk for culture growth did not cause any off-flavours in the butter. Slightly less diacytal was produced in cream by the buttermilk cultures than by the skim milk cultures. Buttermilk sterilised in the factory showed considerable browning, but this did not affect the flavour of butter made from cream inoculated with buttermilk culture.

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