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A simple presumptive test for dihydeostreptomycin in milk

Authors: J. T. Feaghan


There have been many simple laboratory tests developed for the detection of penicillin residues in milk. Most of these tests are based on either acid production or dye reduction (1, 2). For dihydrostreptomycin, another antibiotic frequently used in intramammary preparations, there are no similar tests available. Such tests (3, 4, 5, 6) as have been reported suffer from one of more disadvantages; they are complicated, or require special apparatus, take too long to do, or are insufficiently sensitive.

The test reported here is simple and capable of detecting 0.03 to 0.04 μg/ml of dihydeostreptomycin in milk. However unlike penicillin testing where positive results can be check-tested using penicillinase, the test is only presumptive for dihydeostreptomycin. Where a positive result obtained it is advisable to check test for penicillin (1, 2) as C11, the test organism is sensitive to 0.25 I.U.penicillin/ml (7).

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