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A comparison between single strain and mixed strain cultures in cheddar cheese making

Authors: Ailsa J. Gillies and Claire J. Curtis


A comparison has been made of the effects on cheese quality of using paired single strain starters as against a commercial mixed starter in use in many Queensland cheese factories. The grading results, at 3 weeks and at two months, for sixteen paired batches of cheese showed that the single-strain cultures produced the better cheese. Grading results from a factory which made each day one of two vats of cheese with the mixed culture and one vat with single strains confirmed this finding. The starter flora survived longer in the experimental cheese than in cheese made under commercial conditions. Streptococcus diacetiactis was the predominant lactic species surviving in experimental cheese made with mixed culture. This species outlived Streptococcus cremoris. All the experimental cheese manufactured showed little contamination by yeasts, moulds and lactobacilli. There did not appear to be any relation between the total number of organisms (on nutrient agar or T.Y.L.B. agar) and the cheese grades. In the cheese made with single strains a low concentration of bacteriophage for one or other strain was always present.

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