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Apparatus for the accelerated testing of materials and detergents in milking machines

Authors: W.G. Whittlestone, L. Fell, B.O.E. Calder and R.H. Galvin


Automatic apparatus is described for simulating the milking and washing operations in a milking machine. The instrument consists of most of the components of a normal milking machine assembled so that milk and cleaning solutions pass throughout the unit at a fixed rate. An electrical controller which may be programmed for a wide variety of treatments caused the unit to be flushed with a standard sanitizer solution followed by simulated milking, cold water rinse, hot detergent rinse, hot water rinse, and a brief drying period. The cycle repeats itself every 50 minutes, thus bringing about the equivalent of 4 weeks' standard milking procedure in less than 48 hours. Preliminary tests have shown that the device does in fact produce conditions similar to those obtained in the field. It is intended primarily for the testing of detergents and for examining the performance of materials for the construction of milk handling equipment.

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