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Tin-nickel planting to reduce copper contamination in milking equipment

Authors: W.G. Whittlestone and P. Lutz


Electro-deposited tin-nickel alloy has been tested for corrosion resistance under a wide range of conditions in the laboratory and in the field. It has been found to be superior to pure tin. Under field conditions tin-nickel cleans more readily than pure in and when chlorine-releasing detergent sanitisers are used in more readily cleaned than polished stainless steel. Tin-nickel may be electrically coupled with stainless steel without significant increase in corrosion rate, due to the rapid polarisation of the couple. Because of its stability tin-nickel alloy is suggested for the coating of de-tinned components such as claw pieces, cup nipples, end of milking indicators, milk inlets, strongly made releasers and coolers as a means of eliminating copper contamination of milk by old milking machinery.

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