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A Study of Ester Preparation for the Gas Chromatographic Analysis of the Fatty Acids Composition of Butterfat

Authors: P.W. Parodi


A sample of butterfat was transesterified to butyl esters by three different procedures (a) acid catalyzed butanolysis (b) di-n-butyl carbonate induced transesterification (c) a boron trifluoride-butanol transesterification . The three methods gave excellent agreement for recoveries of short and medium chain length fatty acids, and were in this respect superior to methyl esters prepared by (a) boron trifluoride-methanol transesterification, or (b) sealed tube methanolysis. The latter method gave the highest recoveries for methyl esters.

A method for the preparation of butyl esters by a boron trifluoride-butanol transesterification is discussed.

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