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Advantages of Making Butter from Unneutralized Factory Separated Cream of Low Copper Content

Authors: L.J. Erwin


The manufacture of butter from unneutralized factory-separated cream was investigated under commercial conditions. The experimental butters had serum pH values in the range 6.46 to 6.63. They had very good keeping quality and had the advantage over neutralized cream butters of a much brighter flavour. All the butters had copper contents of less than 0.05 ppm.

The fat losses in churning were significantly less when the cream was vacreated at the natural level of acidity of 0.08 to 0.09 per cent instead of at 0.03 per cent which is usual in neutralized cream. The fat losses increased by 0.32 per cent of the total fat when the acidity of the cream was reduced from 0.084 per cent to 0.032 per cent prior to vacreation in an Economic Vacreator 16*.

The results also showed that the fat losses in churning cream vacreated in an Economic Vacreator 16 were comparable with those associated with the Triple M Vacreator.

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