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A Comparison of Whole Milk and Milk Powder Based Calf Foods for Rearing Dairy Replacement Calves

Authors: J.C. Radcliffe and B.R. White


Dairy replacement calves were successfully reared from four days of age using milk and one commercial milk replacer. Despite its commercial promotion, a second milk-powder-based calf food proved fatal when used under similar field conditions. When the introduction of this product was delayed until the calves had been reared on whole milk for one month, the calves were reared successfully. Calves were weaned at three months of age to annual pastures, hay and silage, but significantly lower body weights were recorded for both types of milk powder fed calves at six months of age. Regressions calculated of girth measurements on body weights showed girth measurements to be an unreliable means of estimating body weight.

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