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A New UHT Non-Vacuum Cream Pasteuriser Part 1. Description of the Process

Authors: W.C.T. Major


A new process has been developed which effectively pasteurises and deodorises cream at processing, capital and installation costs considerably lower than those of the existing steam injection, vacuum deodorising methods currently used in Australian dairy factories.

For removal of those taints which are eliminated during normal factory processing the experimental pilot plant was operated at 280°F, at cream throughputs which varied from 700 gal. per hour to 2,500 gal. per hour. It would appear that commercial plants with much greater throughput are feasible.

For release of weed taints not removed by normal processing (e.g. Coronopus) the pasteurisation temperature was raised to 340°F. Higher temperatures have also been attained with the pilot plant.

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