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The stability of vitamin A in reconstituted fortified non-fat milk solids. 2. The effect of light

Authors: J. Conochie and R.A. Wilkinson


The exposure of whole milk for 3 hours in plan glass bottles to mercury-vapour lamps resulted in a loss of about 15 per cent of vitamin A. Under comparable conditions, the extent of loss in reconstituted non-fat milk powder fortified with vitamin A ranged from 26 to 51 per cent. The addition, with homogenization, of hydrogenated coconut fat in increasing concentrations progressively reduced the extent of destruction of vitamin A. In reconstituted milk made from fresh non-fat milk and fully hydrogenated coconut fat fortified with vitamin A, tocopherol and lecithin, vitamin A was as stable as in normal milk. Plain glass by filtering out light of short wave-length had some protective effect but with milk in bottles the large exposed surface to volume ratio resulted in much greater destruction of vitamin A than in stainless-steel cans.

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