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A method for following the syneresis of the rennet coagulum in milk

Authors: R. Beeby


The rate of syneresis of the rennet-milk coagulum was followed by adding skim milk, rendered non-coagulable by the addition of formaldehyde, to the coagulum just prior to cutting. The subsequent change in light absorption of this skim milk due to progressive dilution as syneresis proceeds is used to calculate the volume of whey expelled from the coagulum. Typical results obtained by this method for the syneresis of both whole milk gels and skim milk gels are given. The standard error of a single determination of whey-volume was 2.6 per cent for whole milk gel and 2.2 per cent for the skim milk gel. Syneresis proceeded at a greater rate with skim milk gel than with whole milk gel.

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