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A survey of the incidence of sodium hypochlorite in farm milks

Authors: E.G. Pont and W.P. Rogers


2162 milk samples from 1956 farms at 20 milk depots and factories in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia were tested for contamination with sodium hypochlorite. Milk from 120 or 6.1 per cent of the farms gave positive results for hypochlorite by the Wright and Anderson test. Eighty-four or 4.3 per cent were estimated to contain less than 10.0 p.p.m. available chlorine. Twenty p.p.m. available chlorine in milk by two different methods of analysis was taken as presumptive evidence for culpable misuse or deliberate addition of hypochlorite; 15 or 0.7 per cent of the supplies came in this category.

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