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Acidified skim milk powders

Authors: P.T. Clarke and M.A. Augustin


The acidification of milk is an integral step in the manufacture of many processed dairy products such as yogurts, acidified dairy desserts and sour creams. As pH is reduced, the milk develops viscosity. Acidification under quiescent conditions yields a set gel. A range of textures in milk products may be obtained depending on the nature of the acidifying agent, the final pH and the milk ingredients used. Generally, the acidifying agent is added to the milk during the manufacture of the dairy product. However, there are opportunities to provide food manufacturers with acidified powders. An example of this is yogurt powders, where cultured milk is dried. We have examined the use of a chemical acidulant, glucono-δ-lactone (GDL), for production of acidified skim milk powders and investigated their functional properties.

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