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Use of blends of skim milk and sweet whey protein concentrates in reconstituted yogurt

Authors: M.A. Augustin, L.J. Cheng, O. Glagovskaia, P.T. Clarke and A. Lawrence


Set and stirred yogurts were made with skim milk solids or 80:20 blends of skim milk solids and sweet whey protein concentrate (WPC) powders or liquid concentrates containing between 25-64 g crude protein/100 g solids (WPC25 - WPC64). Yogurts with improved consistency were obtained from blends of skim milk and sweet whey protein concentrate solids with similar or lower protein content than yogurts containing skim milk solids only. Substitution of 20% of the skim milk solids with WPC25 - WPC56 solids increased the gel strength of set yogurt, the viscosity of stirred yogurt and decreased whey drained from both types of yogurt containing an equivalent amount of total milk solids. However, substitution of 20% of the skim milk solids of yogurt with higher protein content WPC solids (WPC63, WPC 64) had variable effects on yogurt properties, depending on the batch of whey used for preparation of WPCs as well as the total solids of the yogurt milk. The results suggested that the ability of proteins to contribute to viscosity and gel development in yogurts was impaired when milks were not sufficiently stable to the heat treatment applied prior to the addition of the cultures.

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