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Using human health messages in the promotion of dairy foods

Authors: Anita S. Lawrence


Dairy foods have long been promoted using health messages. People wanting to improve public health have promoted dairy foods, and people promoting dairy foods have used health messages. This paper considers three different types of health messages that are relevant for the promotion of dairy foods - nutrient content messages, low-fat messages and health claims. It also discusses some of the potential opportunities and challenges associated with the promotion of dairy foods in the future, as we learn more about the health effects of the complex mixture of compounds present in milk and as the regulatory framework around food fortification and health claims develops in Australia and New Zealand. The changes in legislation permitting the use of health claims on food labels and in advertisements aimed at consumers will expand the repertoire of messages available to communicate the benefits of dairy foods. However, health claims won't replace nutrient content and low-fat messages. All three types of health messages discussed in the paper are likely to be widely used to promote dairy foods in the future.

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