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Yogurt production without fermentation - is it likely?

Authors: H. Foissy, G. Lindner, A. Krasz and H. Roginski


The continuing search for faster, better controlled manufacturing processes has, in recent decades, led to innovations in which the direct acidification of milk has been used instead of, or in addition to, milk fermentation for the manufacture of products that are traditionally made solely by fermentation. Using direct acidification alone, it is not possible to make a product that possesses the typical flavour, aroma and textural characteristics of yogurt. Also, manufacturing an acidic milk product that mimics yogurt's essential biochemical and microbiological features involves additional steps, rendering this alternative technology more complex than traditional fermentation and forgoing its economic advantages. Nevertheless, if such a product is offered - either plain or as a food component - a new category, with a distinct 'standard of identity' would have to be established for it in food legislation.

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