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Tracking and eliminating sporeformers in dairy systems

Authors: M.L. Ranieri and K.J. Boor


To improve the quality of commercial dairy ingredients and consumer products, including cheese, fluid milk, milk powders and others, it is important to identify and then control factors that contribute to their degradation. The uncontrolled presence of spoilage bacteria is a common cause of loss of sensory and functional properties in dairy products. With the ultimate goal of developing effective intervention strategies, a DNA sequence-based bacterial subtyping method was developed and applied to characterise and track milk spoilage microbes in dairy systems in New York State and across the United States. The resulting studies have identified the sporeforming bacteria that represent the biological barrier presently limiting further shelf-life extension of high temperature-short time (HTST ) pasteurised milk in the United States. Identification of the targeted spoilage microbes, along with their entry points in milk production and processing systems, will enable development of practical tools for improving the bacterial quality of dairy products.

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