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Advances in cleaning and sanitation

Authors: David Lowry


This review addresses the importance of effective cleaning and sanitation programs in assuring food safety and dairy product quality. The processes of organic fouling and biofilm fouling have a major impact on cleaning efficiencies and methods and have a significant impact on operational efficiencies. The challenge for the dairy industry is to improve cleaning performance against biofilm matrices and achieve complete disinfection, extending the time for re-colonisation of new biofilms and increasing production run lengths. The fundamental requirements for effective cleaning remain constant and limitations cannot be compensated for through chemistry solutions. Traditional cleaning chemistries have improved only incrementally in the last 60 years, but very recent developments using oxidative precursor programs offer significant cleaning performance enhancement whilst addressing key sustainability performance indicators and operational gains. The use of latest generation biocides in association with these chemistries offers the prospect of genuine biofilm disinfection. Alternative methods for biofilm disruption including surface modification, phage disruption and temperature cycling offer future prospect although none are yet ready for commercial adoption.

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