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The use of non-starter lactobacilli in cheddar cheese manufacture

Authors: M.C. Broome, D.A. Krause and M.W. Hickey


Non starter lactobacilli were added in high numbers (>106 cfu g-1) to cheddar cheese at the vat stage of manufacture of manufacture. The lactobacilli did not affect the rates of growth and acid production of the starter organisms and other cheesemaking parameters. They remained at high levels throughout maturation, dominating the non starter microflora of the cheese to the exclusion of naturally occurring organisms. While the lactobacilli did not metabolise citrate or lead to the formation of biogenic amines, protein catabolism rates, particularly with respect to peptide degradation, were increased as was flavour development and intensity. It was observed that the body and texture of the cheese was unaffected by the treatment.

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